Peace, Sustainability & Green Living

10 Bands, Cold Beer, Sandy Beaches, & an Amusement/Water Park Will Entertain; While Speakers, Vendors & Sponsors Provide Education

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Quassy Amusement & Water Park

Middlebury, CT


Live, Love, Laugh & Learn

How To Make Your

Home or Business Green

With No Money Down!

Co-Host Steve Schappert




"It's a festive day of fun in the sun,

with great food

and exciting raffle prizes." 


Pictures and video from the 2013 event at Quassy Amusement Park Coming this week!


The Star & Purpose for GreenFest 2014

An old Mustang, isn't that anti Green? Not when it is the BIOS WaterCar, this Mustang achieved a 58% increase in gas mileage by using water for fuel. The BIOS WaterCar was featured on ABC, NBC, CNN and Comcast OnDemand filmed our 5 minute trailer. GreenFest was developed as a fundraiser for the project because when you walk into a bank without assets and tell them you want to change the world, they simply laugh. Come on out to GreenFest and help support this important project. We still need vendors and sponsors that give a damn and are willing to fight the good fight! Contact GreenFest today and lend a hand!





History of GreenFest

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GreenFest Combines Entertainment & Education To Create A Better World.

Promoting all that is good, green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient.
















Contact Steve Schappert at The  Green Marketing Company. 203-994-3950